When should girls wear high heels?


Little girls nowadays are as attuned to fashion as women are. Influenced by their mothers, relatives and celebrities, these girls are really knowledgeable about the varying trends of the different seasons. Even at a young age, they want to be able to wear what is currently in style especially in footwear.

Because of this reality, more and more girls want to be able to wear high heels just like adults. But is this type of footwear appropriate for them? When should girls be allowed to wear high heels?

Before answering that question, let us go back to the source – the high heels. What are they and why are they so in demand with women? High heeled shoes are considered as staples in any woman’s closet because:

1.)   It adds height – High heels come in various heel heights ranging from 2 inches to the famous mile-high heels of 5 to 6 inches. Short women rely on these shoes to give them a much needed height boost.

2.)   It enhances appearance – Women greatly attest to their legs looking slimmer and sexier every time they wear high heels.

3.)   It improves self-confidence – When women are wearing high heels they instantly feel beautiful and fashionable. With each sashay they take, their self-confidence sky-rockets.

4.)   It never goes out of style – Admit it, high heels are perpetually in fashion. Be it stilettos, wedges, kitten heels or another type of high heeled shoes, there would always be a great demand.

5.)   It gives happiness – High heeled shoes, or any shoes for that matter, give a lot of joy to women. These women may not wear these shoes that often but the satisfaction and happiness that they feel when they are able to buy a great-looking pair (especially at half the price) greatly rivals the feeling of winning the lottery.

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Girls are naturally drawn to high heels because they often see their own mothers (and the other women they interact with) wearing them. Once the curiosity and interest sparks, there would be no stopping them. In fact, it is a common thing for girls to raid their mommy’s shoe collection and try to walk in high heels while they pretend to be a princess.

In the past, only girls who are about 16 years old have the opportunity to wear heels. But what started the trend of high heel wearing girls? Actually, media has to blame for all this. All those photos and videos of kids wearing high heels made a lot of girls want to wear them as well. For example when the photos of Suri Cruise, daughter of Tom Cruise, sporting a gold kitten heeled pair of shoes surfaced two years ago, the demand for high heels for little girls doubled. Also, the TV show Toddlers and Tiaras which constantly features young girls wearing high heels and makeup like it is a normal thing had influenced a lot of girls to want to do the same.

Because of their great demand, numerous brands had introduced their own lines of high heeled shoes especially made for 3 to 12 year old girls. Now that they are readily available in the market, even more and more girls are clamoring to get their hands (or feet) on a pair of their own.

Fashion-wise, little girls wearing high heels are adorable and cute. But parents should know that letting their daughters wear such footwear at an early age has health hazards. Based on medical research conducted by various podiatrists, the bones of these girls aren’t fully developed and still very malleable. If they constantly wear high heels, they could suffer from joint and bone deformations on their foot. Additionally, girls below 15 years old are still clumsy and do not have a proper sense of balance which makes them prone to falls and slips that could lead to a bruised knee, swollen ankle or something worse.

Scientifically, a girl’s bones are fully developed by the time she turns sixteen. So if she wants to wear heels, she can safely do so. But if a lady can hold off the heels until she turns 18 or 21 years old, then much better.

Actually, the discretion is up to the parents if they would allow their daughter to wear high heels at such a young age. Those slightly liberated parents might consent their daughter to wear high heels for an hour or two but only during special occasions like birthdays, school programs and such.

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