Your kid has talent!


Parents always see a lot of potential in their kids. Unfortunately, some parents neglect to hone and improve these talents and often let them to waste. There are also others who push their children to participate and get involved in certain activities that their kids are not even interested in. Avoid being this kind of parent and nurture your child’s natural and innate talents to the fullest. Encourage him to do what he likes best and guide him on how to hone his skills in order to excel.

The very first thing that needs to be done is to observe your child. What does he like to do? Does he prefer the arts, sports or other hobbies? Is he more of the quiet type or the outgoing type? Here are some important tips on how to pay close attention to your kid’s talents:

I Spy

Observe your child discreetly. What does he likes to do when you are not looking? Is he shy but sings quite well while alone in his room or in the bathroom? Does he like to draw but refuses to let you see his work? Does he prefer to read books that are quite advanced for his age instead of reading comic books?

Most kids are shy and opt to hide their talents from their parents because they are self-conscious or are afraid of being ridiculed. However if you know what your child wants to do in his free time, you can help mold him effectively.

Cool Tools

As soon as you know what your child’s hidden gift is, provide him with appropriate tools that could help him overcome his fear of stage fright, improve his skills or hasten his learning abilities. If your son is into singing, invest in a microphone or those karaoke systems. If he is into making music, enroll him in classes and get him his own guitar or drum sets. If your child is artistic, never let him run out of paper, pens, and different coloring materials. For a child who is into a certain sport, get him the best equipment and training gear that you can afford.

Room for Improvement

Because of a child’s young age, there is always room for improvement regarding his skills and talents. Don’t just stop just because you know that your child has already learned the basics. If you really want him to succeed, continue giving lessons and providing tools. A child who has already learned how to swim perfectly can still improve by taking classes on competitive swimming. If your child has already perfected painting on canvas should venture out on charcoal or pastel drawing for versatility. Being adept and flexible in the field that your child has chosen is very important so you must encourage him to level up and improve some more.

Make it Fun

Number 1 rule of honing your child’s talent is to never make practices boring. For a child artist, take him to new locations that would inspire him to draw new things. A child who is into sports would surely appreciate it if you would show him videos of his favorite athlete doing a particular move that he is having difficulty in. Do not allow your child to get bored or burned out during training and practices. Make these times fun and enjoyable to never wane his interest in them.

Go all Out

A child’s passion is sparked by support and attention that his parents give to him. So don’t forget to offer lots of encourage and praises for his hard work. If he sees that his parents and family are standing by him, he would be more confident and will strive for success. If your child likes playing the violin for a crowd, organize a small gathering and invite some of your friends to listen to him play. If your child likes to run, discover new running trails and routes together even if it is too early for you. Importantly, never miss a recital, game or exhibit if you can. Your child needs to feel that you are his number one fan and you should always try to be with him every step of the way.

Win or Lose

Some kids who enter competitions are always discouraged whenever they lose. Make sure that your child stays grounded and positive regardless of the outcome of the competition he joins. Remind him that talent and skill is also built through hard work and determination not just luck. Explain to him that his failures are not a description of what he is as a person but these are battle scars that should remind him of how far he has gone and what he has achieved. Celebrate every victory and loss since these two things would make your child more determined.

When it comes to talents and skills, it is best to let your child discover what he’s really passionate about. Do not force your interest on your child as you could be complete opposites. You can, however, nudge him in the right direction. Your kid has talent!

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